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SSM – Le Sirenuse Signature Massage (50 min.) € 160,00
A soft and enveloping massage made with warm citrus fruit aromatic oils from the Amalfi Coast, mixed with cedar wood essential oils.
The lemon essential oil has a calming effect in cases of anxiety or insomnia as well as tonic and cleansing properties on the circulatory system. The orange essential oil also has calming properties and is a powerful antispasmodic helping to relax contracted muscles. The cedar wood essential oil has a positive effect on the body's general balance and stimulates the peripheral circulation.
This is a draining, decontracting and anti-stress treatment. You will remain, for the entire duration of the massage, lying on a warm waterbed, soothed and relaxed by the expert hands of our therapist. A light feet exfoliation will be followed by a slow ascend towards your head massaging your entire body.
Warm oil will gently be poured on your forehead, then a light-handed neck and scalp massage will end the treatment.
ENB60 - Elemental Nature Body Massage (1 hour) € 160,00
ENB90 - Elemental Nature Body Massage (1 hour, 30 min.) € 220,00
A personalized massage experience based on the Aveda Elemental Nature Philosophy and your favorite Aveda aromas. Specific areas of tension will be targeted to produce muscle relaxation as well as an internal state of harmony. Warm essential oils will be used in the massage, perfumed with the aroma that you chose during your "sensory journey". Every experience will be different, but always aimed toward making you feel calm, relaxed and at peace with yourself at the end of the massage.
FBB – Face And Body Ritual (1 hour, 30 min.) € 220,00
This treatment encompasses the whole body, focusing on your individual needs. It is inspired by the Ayurvedic philosophy and it includes a customized facial treatment.
HMB  - Hydrotherm Massage (50 min.) € 160,00
Discover a new dimension to the nurturing art of massage. Warm, water filled cushions cradle your body, easing strain on muscles as your therapist reaches deeply stressed areas. All of the benefits of the traditional massage without the normal challenges - no turning over, no uncomfortable face cradles, just uninterrupted relaxation. Hydrotherm changes your perception of massage.
STF  - Stress fix (1 hour, 15 min.) € 190,00
Clinically tested to reduce tension, the "stress fix" aroma, made with the essences of lavender, lavandine, vetiver, clary sage and frankincense, will envelope you during this massage, which is a combination of the Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques. Elements of foot reflexology and acupressure of your energy points will help you regenerate your body and mind. This massage will end with the "Marma" technique that focuses on the area around your eyes and has a relaxing and revitalizing effect.
FHB - The Four Handed Massage (50 min.) € 300,00
Go beyond the Elemental Nature Massage and experience the same massage performed by two therapists to provide a deeper feeling of relaxation.
BMB - Pure Focus: The Back Massage (30 min.) € 100,00
Promote balance and relieve in your back, neck and shoulder area with this deeply relaxing massage.
UNI16 - 30 minutes massage for the under 16 (30 min.) € 100,00
Studied for young people, this massage is light, aromatic and relaxing.